10 times the Globe and Mail editorial page has expressed an absurdly inflated sense of Canada’s place in the world


1. “How Canada can help lead the way to better global health” (2016)

Summary: Canada can improve global health outcomes by telling other countries what to do.


2. “How Canada can become a global food production powerhouse” (2017)

Summary: More countries should buy Canadian food.


3. “Time to let the world know Canada is a financial giant” (2017)

Summary: Much to their apparent detriment, the world is insufficiently aware of how great Canada’s economy is.


4. “Canada shows the beautiful game is for both sexes” (2011)

Summary: The fact that Canada was the only country to bid to host the 2015 Women’s World Cup of Soccer should inspire other countries to reflect on how sexist they are in comparison.


5. Canada’s example” (2010)

Summary: Too many countries are being protectionist these days. They should look at Canada and be inspired to not be this way.


6.France could learn from Canada” (2005)

Summary: France should be less racist, like Canada.


7. To keep Catalonia, Spain needs to learn from Canada

Summary: Spain should run its provincial secession referendums better, like Canada.


8. “The 11th province?” (2007)

Summary: Canada should take seriously the Turks and Caicos Islands’ non-existent desire to join Canada.


9. “Dear Scotland: An open letter from your Canadian cousins

Summary: Scotland should not separate from Great Britain because doing so will upset The Globe and Mail editorial board.


10.It’s time for Scotland to find a new home – in Canada

Summary: Scotland should join Canada.