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Arguments AGAINST
Elizabeth May

former head of the Green Party of  Canada

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  1. She's waging "a war against Wi-Fi."

  2. Her health care platform advocated using tax dollars to fund junk-science "homeopathy." She denied it when called out, even when provided with proof.

  3. She uses healing crystals.

  4. Her party is opposed to genetically-modified crops (GMOs), a fear without any basis in science.

  5. She was the only MP to vote against Bill C-489 which bans "child sex offenders from coming within two kilometres of a victim’s home."

  6. She wrote to cabinet ministers raising fear that radiation from the Fukushima meltdown posed a risk to Canada's "fish, habitat, and health" — all widely-discredited myths.

  7. The "Reforming the Divorce Act" section of her party's platform contained "inaccurate and 'anti-feminist'" claims which she only changed after being publicly shamed.

  8. She accused the Jewish Tribune of "twisting her words" in an article based on an interview she gave, only for the paper to release the "full audio of the interview, revealing a surprisingly pleasant exchange in which Ms. May indeed appears to say everything she had previously alleged were 'misleading statements'."

  9. Her party's ex-president says he was "drummed out" for his views on Israel.

  10. She believes in "chemtrails."

  11. She suggested Canada needs a monument to the "victims of capitalism."

  12. She said Prime Minister Harper's stance on climate change was "a grievance worse than Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis."

  13. She implied the RCMP planted weapons on anti-fracking protesters in New Brunswick.

  14. Her platform claims Canada "is in the midst of a cancer epidemic" caused by "chemicals used in our everyday life." The Canada Research Chair in Human Stem Cell Biology says the increase in cancer rates is simply due to a "growing and aging population."

  15. She was the only MP to vote against a bill imposing tougher punishments on convicts who misbehave during temporary escorted absences from prison.

  16. Her party produced a press release claiming a woman contracted thyroid cancer from swimming in the Ottawa River, a claim disputed by the Canadian Cancer Society.

  17. She accused the Conservative government of trying to "gerrymander" her riding to get rid of her. Riding boundaries in Canada are drawn by a non-partisan committee.

  18. She presented a 9/11 Truther petition to the House of Commons. She later claimed "all MPs are required to present petitions submitted to them" which is false.

  19. In 2009 she participated in a debate on climate change with two deniers/skeptics. Based on an audience vote, she lost, with an increased number of audience members claiming to be skeptical of climate change after hearing her speak. On Twitter, she later claimed to have won.

  20. She was one of only three MPs to vote against Bill C-425, which allows immigrants who have served in the Canadian armed forces to become citizens faster.

  21. She started a "media frenzy" by tweeting about a train derailment that never happened.

  22. She wrote an editorial for the Globe and Mail demanding politicians "end the superficial fixation on balanced budgets." The 2015 Green Party platform stated "we are committed to a balanced budget."

  23. She once claimed "we have grocery stores in Canada importing eggs from China on a routine basis." It is illegal to import eggs from China and there is no evidence this routinely happens.

  24. She said Prime Minister Harper is "not Canadian." She later defended the comment by claiming she "had virtually no sleep" but then wrote an article entitled "10 reasons why Harper isn't really Canadian."

  25. She compared "Harper's Canada to North Korea."

  26. Her have-it-both-ways abortion views make no sense.

  27. Her bizarre interpretation of the rules of parliamentary system, including the idea that the Governor General "would have to" take her advice on whom to make prime minister, make no sense.

  28. She often begins tweets by saying "as an Officer of the Order of Canada..."

  29. She wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth "requesting a Royal Inquiry to restore Canada to a free and fair democracy." The Queen said no.

  30. She "sent out a series of tweets defending Jian Ghomeshi."

  31. She said the Ottawa shootings were "not" terrorism.

  32. She demanded the government combat "chronic Lyme disease," which experts call a "bogus diagnosis" with no basis in medical science.

  33. She said the United States "recruited" Osama Bin Laden and got him to "create al Qaeda." Factcheck.org calls this an "urban myth."

  34. She bragged that BC Green Party MLA and former IPCC scientist Andrew Weaver is a "Nobel prize winning scientist." The IPCC says "it is incorrect to refer to any IPCC official, or scientist who worked on IPCC reports, as a Nobel laureate or Nobel Prize winner."

  35. She falsely said "we saw U.S. Republicans posing with ISIS fighters" in the early days of the Syrian civil war. She later apologized.

  36. She went "'off the rails' in awkward press gallery dinner speech" in which she used vulgar language to praise convicted terrorist Omar Khadr.

  37. She said the election of Stephen Harper would make a person want to "spend all of your time tearing your hair out and wanting to slit your wrists."

  38. She is a dual US-Canadian citizen, having never formally renounced her US citizenship. When confronted about this, she has made all sorts of legally ignorant arguments about why she thinks she isn't an American anymore.

  39. When she couldn't be part of the Canadian delegation at the Durban Climate Change Conference she registered as a delegate for Papua New Guinea.

  40. She was forced to reject a Green Party candidate after it was revealed "he admitted to cheering the attacks" of September 11 in a newspaper column.

  41. She was forced to reject a Green Party candidate after it was revealed he had a history of making anti-Semitic remarks.

  42. She allowed a candidate with an even longer history of anti-Semitic remarks, including Holocaust denial ("the six-million lie"), to run for the Green Party twice.

  43. She brags about being a "repeat EI user."

  44. She visited Greece to encourage "corporate lawsuits against Canada."

  45. She tried to get Stephane Dion to appoint her to the Senate when it looked like he might become prime minister. She was also prepared to serve in his theoretical cabinet.

  46. She described the NATO-led International Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan as being "from a 'Christian/Crusader' heritage."

  47. She tried to get private organizations to fund her speaking tours after becoming head of the Green Party.

  48. She once bragged about hosting a rally featuring "a thousand" supporters. The local newspaper counted 120.

  49. She worked for the Mulroney administration, and committed “breaches of security [that] involved the contents of confidential Privy Council documents and connections,” according to a former co-worker.

  50. On a chat show, she said "I think Canadians are stupid, and I fundamentally agree with that assessment" then offered convoluted denials.

  51. Her official biography describes her as a "grandmother." Her only child has no children.

  52. She endorsed Jill Stein in the 2012 US Presidential election. Stein won less than 0.4% of the vote.

  53. She called the Climategate scandal an "elaborate sting operation."

  54. She described her election strategy as "throw more spaghetti at the wall. Something's got to stick."

  55. She signed "a population control resolution calling for financial sanctions against families who have more than two children."

  56. Her first deputy leader quit over her "autocratic approach."

  57. Her second deputy leader quit to join the Bloc Quebecois.

  58. Her third deputy leader quit to fight fraud charges.

  59. Her fourth deputy leader, a floor-crossing NDP MP, was secretly paid a salary out of party funds to stay loyal (he was already receiving a $167,000 parliamentary salary at the time.) He lost his seat in the 2015 election, plummeting to fourth place and receiving only 14% of the vote.

  60. The first Green Party city councillor in Ontario and former deputy leader of the provincial Greens quit the party because she found Elizabeth May "too dictatorial."

  61. David Suzuki thinks "there shouldn't be a Green Party."

  62. She threatened to quit as party boss in order to guilt party members into calling off a leadership review.

  63. She threatened to quit as party boss because her salary was too low.

  64. She doesn't know how to ride a bicycle.

  65. In the 2015 election she "almost didn’t get to vote for herself because she forgot proper I.D." This happened because she "took a green leather purse to the polls to match her party’s political colour, but her correct identification was in another purse she left in her campaign van."

  66. She refered to this as "one of the biggest sign mobs" she'd ever seen.

  67. Her daughter was a Green Party candidate in the Quebec riding of Berthier-Maskinongé, but lives in Halifax and never came to the riding during the campaign. The Ottawa Citizen said it was unclear "if she has even visited it." She came in fifth place with 2% of the vote.

  68. She strongly suggested Canadians "shouldn't vote Green if another candidate has a better chance at defeating a Conservative."

  69. She has been ambiguous on her support for the movement to "Boycott, Divestment and Sanction" Israel. Asked by B'nai Brith Canada to clarify, she responded with a weaselly email the group denounced as "disingenuous."

  70. She called Harper's staff "ruthless psychopaths."

  71. Despite constantly denouncing Stephen Harper's government, agenda, and party, in the 2015 election she said she "isn't ruling out an agreement with the Conservatives in a future Parliament."

  72. After being elected as the country's first Green MP, she decided to "focus on democracy, not climate change."

  73. She gave an interview with a Green-friendly publication that the reporter later characterized as "disturbing."

  74. After MP Blair Wilson was kicked out of the Liberal Party following allegations of shady business dealings and election law violations, Elizabeth May welcomed him into the Greens.

  75. After NDP candidate Paul Manly was kicked out of his party for his anti-Israel views, Elizabeth May welcomed him into the Greens.

  76. She has run for parliament in three different provinces.

  77. She was defeated by Liberal Glen Pearson in a 2006 London by-election.

  78. She was defeated by Conservative Peter MacKay in the 2008 federal election.

  79. She said "I'm never running anywhere but Centra Nova, this is where I live, this is where I'll always run." Then she lost there and ran in British Columbia.

  80. The Green Party elected zero MPs in its first 28 years of existence.

  81. In 2011, the Green Party elected only one MP (May herself) and had a second-place finish in only one other riding.

  82. In 2015, the Green Party once again elected only one MP (May herself) and had a second-place finish in only one other riding.

  83. In 2011, the Green Party helped elect over a dozen Conservative MPs by splitting the vote in 17 ridings.

  84. In 2011, the Green Party's share of the popular vote was only 3.91% — its worst showing since 2000 and its worst showing since Elizabeth May became leader.

  85. In 2015, the Green Party managed to do even worse, and its share of the popular vote was only 3.5% — its worst showing since 1997.

  86. In the 2015 election, "one in five Green candidates was merely a 'paper' candidate" — that is, a candidate who exists only as a name on the ballot and has no formal campaign or infrastructure.

  87. Elizabeth May spent more than any other "party leader" — $230,000 in all — to win her own seat in the 2015 federal election. This is more than twice what NDP leader Thomas Mulcair (the next closest) spent to win his seat.

  88. The justice critic in her "shadow cabinet" has been denounced by B'nai Brith Canada for using "social media to advocate on behalf of terrorists who have murdered Israeli civilians."

  89. In Maclean's magazine, Scott Gilmore, who calls Elizabeth May a "remarkable politician" and a "remarkable person" says "I still feel terrible having to say it out loud: It is time for her to go."

  90. She called for a mass-firing of civil servants on the basis they were "contaminated" from serving under Stephen Harper.

  91. She said "of course" the wildfire in Fort McMurray was caused by climate change — a conclusion no climate scientist agrees with — then tried to walk those comments back.

  92. The Green Party of Nova Scotia — supposedly Elizabeth May's home province — was dissolved in 2016 due to lack of interest.

  93. She said Canada's current electoral system was created when people "thought the earth was flat." People have known the earth is round for at least 800 years. Canada's constitution was written in 1867.

  94. She said "Christopher Columbus in 1492 was in a society that widely believed he'd sail off a flat earth." Everyone in Columbus' time knew the world was round. This is a elementary school myth.

  95. In the 2015 election, Elections Canada found that the Green Party had broke the law by intentionally distributing misleading polling data to voters in BC in an attempt to exaggerate their own popularity.

  96. The head of the charitable organization Jewish National Fund Canada declined an offer to speak at the 2016 Green Party convention citing the party's anti-Israel attitudes, anti-Semitic members, and the fact that they asked him to speak on a Saturday, the Jewish holy day.

  97. She has been accused of workplace bullying. After denying the charges ("I studied for the priesthood. I’m really quite a committed Christian."), she asked the party to launch an independent investigation of herself.

  98. Her supposedly independent investigation into the allegations of her workplace bullying was denounced as a sham by those making the allegations, and they refused to participate. The eventual report cleared her of all charges. “I knew this would be the result,” said one of the accusers in the aftermath. “The Green Party would never have commissioned a report which would have been unfavorable to Elizabeth May. The Green Party of Canada is Elizabeth May.”

  99. She was arrested after intentionally breaking the law and entering a court-ordered no-go zone during a pipeline protest.

  100. After entering the court-ordered no-go zone, she plead guilty to contempt of court and was fined $1,500. Her lawyers had asked for only $500, but the judge said she deserved a harsher punishment for "exploiting" her political office for the purpose of breaking the law.

  101. The former leader of the Green Party of Quebec defected to the NDP.

  102. The Green Party nominated at least five 9-11 Truther candidates in the 2019 general election.

  103. A 2019 Green Party candidate was forced to resign for posting an Islamophobic joke.

  104. In defending one of her 2019 candidates, she claimed there is a difference being a Quebec "separatist" and a Quebec "sovereignist," despite the fact that the two terms have been used interchangeably for years.

  105. Asked to analyze the Green Party's 2019 platform, economists at the University of Ottawa "delivered the party a failing grade for fiscal transparency and soundness." One economist said their numbers "literally.... don’t even add up."

  106. Her analogy of how fighting climate change is like the Battle of Dunkirk was historically illiterate.

  107. Her staff Photoshopped a reusable cup into her hands after she was photographed holding a disposable one. They initially denied this.

  108. The Green Party claimed that 14 former New Brunswick NDP candidates were defecting to the Greens. Five of the 14 denied that was the case and said their names had been put "on a list without their consent." One of the nine actual defectors implied the race of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh had something to do with their decision to abdon his party.

  109. She claimed Andrew Scheer "used the office of speaker and even held meetings at the Speaker’s residence to start planning his bid for Conservative Party leadership." The race for Conservative leader began several months after Scheer stepped down as speaker.

  110. She said she would not tell any of her theoretical future MPs how to vote on abortion-related legislation. After a backlash, she announced that all Green MPs have to be pro-choice.

  111. She campaigned for independent MP candidate Jody Wilson-Raybould in the riding of Vancouver Granville, even though there was a Green Party candidate running against her there.

APPENDIX A: Anti-Semites in the Green Party

“I don’t think there are anti-Semitic people within the Green Party.” — Elizabeth May

Dimitri Lascaris, 2015 Green Party candidate for London West, ON and current Green Party justice critic (2016): Denounced by B’nai Brith Canada for posing with a Palestinian terrorist's father, grossly mischaracterizing the circumstances of the son's death (in 2015 the son was shot by Israeli security forces while stabbing people on a bus — Lascaris described him as having been “killed extrajudicially by Israeli authorities”), posting articles from anti-semitic websites and "liking" anti-semitic comments from his Facebook friends. He was also the submitter of a successful 2016 Green Party conference resolution making it official party policy to boycott and sanction ("BDS") the nation of Israel. In 2018, Lascaris accused two Liberal MPs of being "more devoted to apathied Israel" than Canada, which Prime Minister Trudeau called "vile anti-Semitic smears."

Sharon Danley, 2015 Green Party candidate for Spadina—Fort York, ON: Blamed her defeat on “sabotage” led by “the Jewish faction within the party” and compared Zionism to “metastasized cancer.” She once posted a meme that compared Jews to Nazis.

• Monika Schaefer, three-time (2006, 2008, 2011) Green Party candidate for Yellowhead, AB: Referred to the Holocaust as "the six-million lie." Called the Jewish president of the Green Party a member of a "supremacist cult."
In 2018 she was convicted of "incitment to hatred" in Germany for her anti-Semitic statements.

• John Shavluk, 2008 Green Party candidate from Newton-North Delta, BC:
Referred to 9/11 as an attack on "shoddily built Jewish world bank headquarters." In their official apology, the Greens said this "could be construed as anti-Semitic."


Green Party election results:
Note: May has been leader of the Greens since August of 2006. Her first election was 2008.

1997 election
0 seats
2000 election
0 seats
2004 election
0 seats
2006 election
0 seats
2008 election
0 seats
2011 election
1 seat (Elizabeth May)
2015 election
1 seat (Elizabeth May)
2019 election 6.5%
3 seats (Elizabeth May + 2)

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