The Peak is the official student newspaper of Simon Fraser University (SFU), a Canadian university located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

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The Peak
MBC 2900
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1S6


The Simon Fraser University Library digital collections website has a comprehensive library of downloadable Peak issues from 1965 to today. The most recent issues can be found on the paper's official website.


The Peak was founded in 1965. It became fully autonomous from the Simon Fraser Student Society (the campus student union) in 1996. Legally, The Peak is published by a corporate entity known as The Peak Publications Society which is a recognized "student society" under the University Act of British Columbia. This allows it to be funded by a student levy collected from all SFU students every semester.

The Peak Publications Society is also a registered "society" under the British Columbia Society Act and subject to all of that Act's regulations.

The Peak has a constitution which dates to the early 80s, and as the years progressed it was less and less obeyed — or even consulted, with editors instead preferring to run The Peak through a series of traditions and conventions that tended to gradually evolve and adapt as circumstances changed. In the fall of 2014 The Peak began following the rules of a new constitution, which is in the process of legal adoption.

Legally, The Peak is run by its board of directors, whose seven members are chosen through a variety of always-changing customs that are only vaguely inspired by the appointment process outlined in the constitution. In practice, almost all of the positions on the board of directors are occupied by current or recently-departed section editors, or other contributors to the paper.

Most day-to-day Peak decision-making is conducted by the editors and the manager(s).


ADVERTISING MANAGERS: (The Peak's oldest continuing position, created in 1991)

Neil Monckton, 1991-1993

Sam Monckton, 1993-1994

Laurence Wilkins, 1994

Chris DeVito, 1994-1995

Chris Papp, 1995 - 1996

Sharon Yee, 1996-1998

Chad Thiessen, 1998-1999

Vanessa Hiscox, 1999-2000

Thiessen (2nd time), 2000-2003

Stephen Fagan, 2003-2006

Permanently combined with business manager, 2006-

BUSINESS MANAGERS: (position created 1994, merged with advertising manager 2006 onward)

Leslie Smith, 1994-1998

Don Elder, 1998-2003

Stephen Fagan, 2003-2006

Larry Van Kampen, 2006 - October, 2012

David Proctor, October 2012 - January 2014

Maia Britt Odegaard, January 2014 -



Sam Steenhuus, 1965


Sam Steenhuus, 1965-1966

N. Alan Bell (acting), 1966

Gillian Lindridge, 1966

Bell (2nd time, acting), 1966

Allen Garr, 1966

Michael J. Campbell, 1966-1967

Simon Foulds, 1967

Ronald Nye, 1967

Mayling Weaver, 1967

Bell (3rd time), 1967-1968

Jaan John Pill, 1968

Ed Wong, 1968-1969

Stewart Gold, 1969

Gordon Hardy, 1969

Phil Dubois, 1969-1970

Donn Korbin, 1970

George Keter, 1970

Cameron Beck, 1970-1971

Wilf Wedmann, 1971


Wilf Wedmann, 1971

Mike Mason, 1971


Ron Verzuh, 1971

Bob Mercer, 1971-1972

Unclear, 1972

Keith McQuiggan, 1972-? 

Ron Roth, 1972-? 

Unclear, 1973

Frank Rotering, 1973

Unclear, 1973-1977

Marc Edge, ?-1977

Irwin DeVries, 1977

Shane McCune, 1977

Maureen McEvoy, 1977-1978

Lee Rankin, 1978

Jackie Brown, 1978-1979

Trish Webb, 1979

Dean McMillan, 1979-?

Jimmy Tan, ?-1980

Alastair McColl, 1980

Position abolished, 1980-2012


David Dyck, September 2012 - May 2013

William Ross, May 2013 - December 2013

Alison Roach, January 2014 - September, 2014


Alison Roach, September, 2014 - May, 2015

Max Hill, May 2015 -


The Peak's system of so-called "section editors" was established in the fall of 1994. Prior to that, the paper was run quite differently than it is today, with a copy coordinator, multiple generic "desk coordinators" and "production managers," and several other staff, but no real equivalents to the paper's contemporary content-specific editorial jobs. In 1993 the desk coordinators began to slowly evolve into editors, and by late 1994 the full transition, complete with title change, was complete.

Since the section editor system was established, The Peak's exact number of editors has fluctuated, and the chart below does not cover the tenures of all editorships (for example, short-lived positions like web editor or external news editor) or other positions that may have held editor-like rank at one time (for example, graphics coordinator or external relations officer). The following chart is instead a comprehensive chronicle of what can be regarded as The Peak's "core editorships," that is, the positions which have been consistently occupied by someone or another, without interruption, for most of the last 20 years.

Peak editors are elected every semester by and from the Peak "collective," which in practice means the assembled editors themselves plus some of the paper's non-editor writers. In the vast majority of cases, incumbent editors are always reelected, which has allowed some editors to serve for quite a long time. The Peak constitution only allows editors to remain on the Peak staff for a maximum of two semesters after formally leaving SFU, however, so there is some practical limit to how long anyone can stay.

SFU semester guide:

"Spring"= January through April
"Summer"= May through August
"Fall" = September through December

Color guide (length of tenure):

Unknown 1 semester 2 semesters 3 semesters 4 semesters 5 semesters 6+ semesters

*asterisks indicate that a second editor also briefly served during this semester (see below).

FALL 1994 Craig Lawson Kai-Lee Klymchuk Sophie Leake Katarina Thorstrand none Cherata Yawsen Kelly Caldwell none Mike Dutton FALL 1994
SPRI 1995 Sophie Leake Tom Lakovic *Kris Karlsson Monique Harvey Holly Keyes *Dutton (2nd time) SPRI 1995
SUMM 1995 Tom Lakovic Patrik Kolby Glen Callender N/A Keith Tan SUMM 1995
FALL 1995 Teena Aujla Craig Lawson Caldwell (2nd time) FALL 1995
SPRI 1996 Misha Rainer SPRI 1996
SUMM 1996 Monique Harvey Janine Dusoewoir Dan Dick Mason Wright N/A SUMM 1996
FALL 1996 Guy Leets Pam Murray Clea Ainsworth Patrik Kolby FALL 1996
SPRI 1997 SPRI 1997
SUMM 1997 Angela Aujla Guy Letts N/A SUMM 1997
FALL 1997 Teena Aujla Michelle Rainer Kolby (2nd time) A. Lee Cheuk Yin FALL 1997
SPRI 1998 Kris Anderson Mason Wright SPRI 1998
SUMM 1999 Bess Lovejoy N/A SUMM 1999
FALL 1998 Kris Anderson Mike Barker Erin Fitzpatrick Ryan Roddy Wright (2nd time) Saba FALL 1998
SPRI 1999 Steve Cullingworth SPRI 1999
SUMM 1999 Erin Fitzpatrick Mason Wright Simon Grant N/A SUMM 1999
FALL 1999 Sarah Isaacs Bess Lovejoy Craig Brown Glen Callender Saba (2nd time) FALL 1999
SPRI 2000 Brooke Larsen Paul Parker SPRI 2000
SUMM 2000 Sarah Isaacs Brent Whitman Paul Parker Dee Hon N/A Claire Kaufman SUMM 2000
FALL 2000 Glen Callender Alexandra Zabjek Lindsay Nielsen John Kennedy Steven Reddy Josh Byer FALL 2000
SPRI 2001 Tejpal Swatch Dee Hon Josh Byer Mohammad El Masri Eric Dodge Carolyn Duckham SPRI 2001
SUMM 2001 Lindsay Nielsen Mason Wright Jessica Johnston Mohammed Al Masri Charlie Demers Alexander Zabjek N/A Ben Pearson SUMM 2001
FALL 2001 AnniqueElise Goode Mohammad El Masri Yu Wei Gao John Kennedy Aiden J. Ball Amy Zhang FALL 2001
SPRI 2002 Doug Yovanovich Stephen Hui Ian Rocksborough-S. Karl Yu SPRI 2002
SUMM 2002 Ben Pearson D'Arcy Saum Ian Rocksborough-S. Amy Zhang N/A Tom Crute SUMM 2002
FALL 2002 Sarom Bahk Erin Ashenhurst David W. McLeish Ben Pearson Ian R.S. (2nd time) Scott Wright Josh Devins FALL 2002
SPRI 2003 Elisa Kosonen Tejpal Swatch Alisa Voznaya Rhianna Coppin SPRI 2003
SUMM 2003 Pearson (2nd time) David Wilson McLeish Stephen Thompson Ayanna Parker N/A Shawn Hunsdale Laden Mohammadi SUMM 2003
FALL 2003 Shawn Hunsdale Stephen Thompson Gao (2nd time) Zhang (2nd time) Sabine Boersch Mark Little *Greg Lam FALL 2003
SPRI 2004 Nicole Vanderwyst Matthew Schum SPRI 2004
SUMM 2004 Mark Little *Amanda McCuaig Nicole Vanderwyst Sarah Caufield Dock Currie Sabine Boersch N/A James Lee *Warren Haas SUMM 2004
FALL 2004 Steven A. Reddy FALL 2004
SPRI 2005 Dan Pinese Michael Hingston David W. McLeish Peter Worden Little (2nd time) SPRI 2005
SUMM 2005 Michael Hingston *Daniel Neufeld Mayana Slobodian Agnes Gulbinowicz Debby Reis N/A Dock Currie *Justin Mah SUMM 2005
FALL 2005 Jennifer Hardwick FALL 2005
SPRI 2006 Agnes Gulbinowicz Amanda McCuaig Kevin Lalonde Currie (2nd time) Warren Haas SPRI 2006
SUMM 2006 Derrick Harder McCuaig (2nd time) *Ricardo Bortolon Justin Mah Jennifer Hardwick N/A Curtis Lassam Monica Rudd SUMM 2006
FALL 2006

Hingston (2nd time)

Earl Von Tapia Gregg Whitlock Kellen Powell Anna Kresina FALL 2006
SPRI 2007 Alex Taylor Stephanie Orford Warren Haas SPRI 2007
SUMM 2007 Iain W. Reeve N/A Andy Fang SUMM 2007
FALL 2007 Stephanie Orford Amy Gibson Shara Lee Michael Hingston Paul Hiebert Chad Klassen FALL 2007
SPRI 2008 Maia Britt Odegaard SPRI 2008
SUMM 2008 Bryn Hewko Deanne Beattie J.J. McCullough Maia Britt Odegaard N/A Stacey McLachlan SUMM 2008
FALL 2008 Maia Britt Odegaard Sam Norris Shara Lee Klassen (2nd time) FALL 2008
SPRI 2009 Graham Templeton Stacey McLachlan John Morrison III SPRI 2009
SUMM 2009 Kendra Wong Adam Cristobal N/A SUMM 2009
FALL 2009 Matt Lee Fraser Nelson FALL 2009
SPRI 2010 SPRI 2010
SUMM 2010 Kendra Wong David Proctor Fang (2nd time) SUMM 2010
FALL 2010 Erica Zell Clinton Hallahan FALL 2010
SPRI 2011 Kelly Thoreson Colin Sharp SPRI 2011
SUMM 2011 Adam Cristobal Bai Yin SUMM 2011
FALL 2011 David Dyck Adam Ovenell-Carter Mark Burnham FALL 2011
SPRI 2012 Esther Tung Clinton Hallahan Gary Lim SPRI 2012
SUMM 2012 William Ross Colin Sharp Benedict Reiners Ljudmila Petrovic N/A SUMM 2012
FALL 2012 April Alayon Graham Cook Daryn Wright Rachel Braeuer Bryan Scott FALL 2012
SPRI 2013 Allison Roach SPRI 2013
SUMM 2013 Estefania Duran Tara Nykyforiak Rachel Braeuer N/A Brad McLeod Vaikunthe Banerjee SUMM 2013
FALL 2013 Max Hill O-Carter (2nd time) Burnham (2nd time) FALL 2013 -
SPRI 2014
Natasha Wahid
Leah Bjornson

*Joel Mackenzie
SPRI 2014-
SUMM 2014 Tessa Perkins
Anderson Wang
SUMM 2014
FALL 2014 Rachelle Tjahyana
Adam van der Zwan
Austin Cozicar
Jacey Gibb FALL 2014
SPRI 2015
Max Hill
Brandon T. Hillier
SPRI 2015
SUMM 2015
Joel Mackenzie
Melissa Roach none
Phoebe Lim
SUMM 2015


*Justin Joy Thomas served as news editor for part of the spring 1995 semester prior to Thomas Brasserur and then Kris Karlsson.
* Keith Ton served as photo editor for part of the spring 1995 semester prior to Mike Dutton's second term
* Yu Wei Gao served as production editor for part of the 2004 summer semester, prior to Amanda McCuaig.
* Dan Pinese served as news editor for part of the 2005 summer semester, prior to Daniel Neufeld.
* Kevin Tilley served as news editor for part of the 2006 summer semester, prior to Ricardo Bortolon.
* Josh Devins served as photo editor (for the second time) for part of the 2003 fall semester, prior to Greg Lam.
* Knesha Yu served as photo editor for part of the 2004 summer semester, prior to Warren Haas.
* Aki Mimoto served as photo editor for part of the 2005 summer semester, prior to Justin Mah.
* Joel Mackenzie assumed the position of opinions editor from Tara Nykyforiak in the last part of the fall 2013 semester.

For contact information, please see my Peak alumni tracker.


For one semester (Summer, 1995) Tom Lakovic was copy editor and production editor at the same time.

At the end of the Spring 2004 summer semester, every single editor either changed positions or left The Peak.


The record for longest continuously-serving editor at The Peak is a tie between Bryn Hewko (Production, Summer 2008 - Summer 2011) and Graham Templeton (Opinions, Spring 2009 - Spring 2012) who both served nine continuous semesters.

The longest serving individual at The Peak, accounting for multiple positions held at different times, is Mason Wright, who served 12 nonconsecutive semesters (four years) in various positions between 1996 and 2001. Second place is Andy Fang, who served 10 total semesters (just over three years) during his two terms as Photo Editor (2007-2011).

Glen Callender is probably the longest-serving Peak person of the modern era, however. He worked at The Peak, in some form or another, for over seven years, from 1993 to 2000, mostly in positions that are not recorded on this chart.